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Online Selling of Statistical Publications (books)

Users willing to obtain publication materials in a book form should pay the value of publication to the settlement account of the State Statistical Committee and get corresponding publication and present scan copy of payment by request.

Dear customer if your payment via GoldenPay was successfully implemented, Golden Pay automatically sends notification to the State Statistical Committee.

If you want to pay via Bank Account please enter requisites shown on the screen and upload a copy of receipt.

After uploading data on payment, books are delivered by post and courier (it depends on customer request). The Committee will deliver ordered book during two working days according to the Unit 1.4 and Annex No. 4 of "Administrative Regulations on e-services".

Selected publications will be delivered to your address by postal services free of charge (excluding foreign countries).
For detailed information contact by telephone number: 012 538 75 60

Names of publications Price, manat
1 Statistical yearbook of Azerbaijan,2019 38.94 azn
2 Labour Market,2019 18.52 azn
3 Construction in Azerbaijan,2019 28.32 azn
4 Women and men in Azerbaijan,2019 20.06 azn
5 Youth of Azerbaijan,2019 19.12 azn
6 Transport in Azerbaijan,2019 16.52 azn
7 Information Society in Azerbaijan,2019 31.86 azn
8 Energy of Azerbaijan,2019 17.11 azn
9 Environment in Azerbaijan,2019 21.24 azn
10 The Agriculture of Azerbaijan,2019 34.22 azn
11 Demographic indicators of Azerbaijan 2019 32.45 azn
12 Children in Azerbaijan 2019 17.11 azn
13 The Foreign Trade of Azerbaijan 18.53 azn
14 Tourism in Azerbaijan 2019 23.01 azn
15 Paid services in Azerbaijan 2019 9.44 azn
16 Trade in Azerbaijan 2019 19.71 azn
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