Metadata on indicators
Name of indicator
          Average monthly nominal wages and salaries
1.1Contact organisation  The State Statistical Committee of the Republic of Azerbaijan
1.2Contact organisation unit Department of labour statistics
1.3Contact name  Khuduzade Nemat
1.4Contact person function  Head of Department
1.5Contact mail address  AZ1136, Baku city, Inshaatchilar ave
1.6Contact email address
1.7Contact phone number  +99412 538 61 21
1.8Contact fax number  
2Metadata update  
2.1Metadata last certified  
2.2Metadata last posted 20.11.2018
2.3Metadata last update 14.01.2020
3Statistical presentation  
3.1Data description The purpose of the preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual statistics on wage and salaries is to estimate the average  wage and salaries, number of employees and changes of those indicators, as well as time worked and paid for in the whole economy and by sector, definable by the ownership of the legal entity (public and private), economic activity, region, county, municipality, sex, size of enterprise, etc.
3.2Classification system    National version of the Statistical Classification of Economic Activities in the European Community (NACE Rev.2), Classification of Property Forms, Classification of Administrative-territorial units .
3.3Sector coverage Covered are enterprises from all economic activities irrespective of their type of ownership and source of financing, which have at least one employee working under labour contract.
3.4Statistical concepts and definitions  "Employees are all persons who have a labour contract (fixed or permanent; full-time or part-time) with their employer by virtue of the Labour Code and who receive remuneration in cash or in kind for certain quality and quantity of work done. The average monthly number of employees is the arithmetic mean value of the daily number of employees (sum of the daily number of employees divided by the number of days for the reference month). Part-time employees are converted into full-time equivalents. Gross wages and salaries are the remunerations paid regularly to the employees by the employers before the deduction of any tax and social security contributions payable by the employees and withheld by the employers. Gross wages and salaries comprise of: basic wages and salaries for time worked or work done; payments for statutory, contractual or voluntary leave; payments for overtime, shift work, extreme working conditions, length of service; monthly, quarterly and annual bonuses. The average monthly wages and salaries are calculated through dividing the total amount of wages and salaries costs accrued during the reference month by the average monthly number of actual working employees under labour contract."
3.5Statistical unit  All statistical units that perfom economical activities in the Republic of Azerbaijan during the reference period.
3.6Statistical population  Number of employees, job vacancies and wages and salaries data correspond to the enterprises with one and more employees from all economic activities from NACE Rev.2.
3.7Reference area  The whole country is covered
3.8Time coverage  Quarterly, annual-since 1993,monthly-since 1999
3.9Base period  Not applicable
4Unit of measure  Average wages and salaries-AZN; number of employees-person, percent; hours paid for hours worked- hours
5Reference period  monthly, quarterly, annually
6Institutional mandate  
6.1Legal acts and other agreements     Legal document for collection of data is the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Official Statistics” and Statistical Works Programms
6.2Data sharing  
7.1Confidentiality - policy  According to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on “Official Statistics'' the submission of primary data is prohibited.
7.2 Confidentiality - data treatment Individual data are not disseminated following the rules set in Section VI from the Law on Official Statistics. The dissemination of individual data is done only under the Section VI from the same law.
8Release policy 
8.1Release calendar The actual date of data publication is set in the SSC of Azerbaijan Release calendar
8.2Release calendar access  Data release calendar is posted on webpage of the Committee under the section "e-services". Access is available for all users and there is no any limitation.
8.3User access  There is a policy of distribution of official statistics in the State Statistical Committee and approved by order dated 19.02.2014, № 8/02s.
9Frequency of dissemination  Monthly, Quarterly, Annual
10Accessibility and clarity 
10.1News release  Press release with main results from the monthly, quarterly and annual survey on number of employees, time worked, wages and salaries is prepared and published on the SSC of Azerbaijan official website. The results are published in compliance with the SSC of Azerbaijan Release Calendar.
10.2Publications   Information on the indicator is reflected in statistical yearbooks "Labor market". In addition, the data is published in the "Civil servants" "Women and Men in Azerbaijan" and "Statistical Indicators of Azerbaijan".
10.3On-line database  Information about this indicator is available on the online database.
10.4Micro-data access  Access to microdata is prohibited. Primary data could be used only according to “Rules on submission of microdata to users for research purposes” approved by the Chairman of the SSC of Azerbaijan dated on 13.06.2011.
10.5Other     Reply to all users' written and electronic requests.
10.6Documentation on methodology   There are methodological recommendations on calculation of the number of employees and the related information is presented in the metadata section.
10.7Quality documentation   Quality report on indicators had been prepared.
11Quality management 
11.1Quality assurance    Application of quality management system is envisaged to be launched. Orderly implementation of statistical products and processes and improvement of the quality based on Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM).
11.2Quality assessment  Processes on quality management are being executed. National basic principles of quality assurance in the system of official statistics of the Republic of Azerbaijan (2013); All possible ways are used for parallel improvement of all quality components during statistical data processing. In such cases individual approach is applied on each statistical product and selection is made according to importance of relevancy, accuracy, timeliness, correspondence and comparativeness components that are essential for product quality.
12.1User needs  The indicator employee is of interest of international and managerial bodies, mass media, science specialists, wide public representatives.
12.2User satisfaction According to plan of actions with users the Department carries out seminar annualy ; attendees of the seminar are representatives of several ministries and agencies, as well as representatives of international organizations, mass media and other stakeholders. User opinion surveys have been conducted on a regular basis. Website visitor opinion polls, general opinion poll on the products and services of SSC, target user group opinion polls and other surveys are conducted.
12.3Completeness The data refer to the whole country and all economic activities.
13Accuracy and reliability 
13.1Overall accuracy "The statistical form for the survey is available in electronic format. This survey is on-line based allowing 24 hours data collection and incorporates logical and arifhmetic controls visible immediately during the data entry. The data processing goes through three main stages of validation: 1) data are validated while entered to control the plausibility of the inserted values and item non-response; 2) at regional level, the regional statistical offices of SSC perform post-validation incl. checks for coverage, extreme and missing values; 3) at national level, the Head Office of SSC performs additional validation as well for coverage and completeness. Comparability is made with administrative and other sources."
13.2Sampling error  
13.3Non-sampling error  
14Timeliness and punctuality  
14.1Timeliness   Calculation and dissemination of indicator is carried out according to "Statistical works program". There is no delay cases from the date defined in release calendar and program. 
14.2Punctuality   The calculation and spreading of the indicator are carried out in accordance with the "Statistical Work Program". There are no delay in the broadcast calendar and program.
15Coherence and comparability 
15.1Comparability - geographical   Comparison of average monthly nominal wages and salaries indicator by several geographical areas is possible at any level. Comparison of indicator by geographical areas makes no problem.
15.2Comparability - over time   Time series are continuously provided; interruptions are not considered.
15.3Coherence - cross domain   Since there is no any indicator alternative to employees indicator in the practice, the cross domain coherence is not investigated.
15.4Coherence - internal   There could be less differences between primary and verified data.
16Cost and burden  
17Data revision 
17.1Data revision - policy   Data revision policy is carried out according to the Regulation on Data Revision for Main Statistical Indicators approved by the order of the SSC of Azerbaijan dated 04.04.2012 No. 58/t. This document is open for public and it is posted on the web page of the SSC in the section of statistical publications.  
17.2Data revision - practice  The final results are pubished and they are not revised after the publication.
18Statistical processing 
18.1Source data  Monthly survey on wages and salaries for small, middle and large statistical units. Quartely and annual survey for all statistical units (macro, small, middle and large)
18.2Frequency of data collection   Data are collected monthly, quarterly, annually.
18.3Data collection   Data are obtained online.
18.4Data validation   The report is presented in a electronic form. Supervision over completeness and correctness of data volume envisaged to be collected by report is implemented through the web-page All information about e-reporting is indicated in the web-page
18.5Data compilation On-line data entry,data validation.
18.6Adjustment  If some discrepancies are revealed on preview of online database the local statistical body and reporting legal entities are informed and relevant revisions are implemented before the reporting period ends.
19Comment  No additional comment.